Disagree with you all re: revolvers. Have to stick up for my fellow wheelgunners and represent…

Revolvers – especially those I’ve done an action job on – have much better DA trigger pulls than their DA semi auto counterparts, as well as better SA trigger pulls. Revolvers most times have very good fully adjustable sights.

The DA trigger pull on a revolver gives folks – particularly females – difficulties, but the DA trigger pull on a semi auto somehow does not? Eh…

I schooled my wife on a P&R Smith & Wesson K22 until she got some experience under her belt, then moved up to a larger caliber revolver – same controls, same sights, almost the same grip – just different power level. Eventually, she topped out on a Smith & Wesson Mountain Gun in .45 Colt. Then we moved on to the semi autos. Started her out on a High Standard HD Military, then moved up to a Colt 1911A1 – same controls, different power level. Finished up with the HK USP Compact so she could have some experience with a DA semi auto of decent power.

Trained my son the same way. If one can master the DA/SA trigger of a revolver – and females are completely capable of it – then one can master anything. I would even argue that learning the revolver is an advantage, since revolvers don’t have superfluous safeties, don’t have magazines to lose or damage and if you get bad ammo, just pull the trigger and skip the round, moving on to the next one… can’t really do that with a semi auto.

Last thing would be the simplicity of a revolver in a shooting scrape. Those who don’t have much time under the trigger of a semi auto will probably have issues once adrenaline causes their fine motor control to disappear. Revolvers can also be fired out of a purse or pants/coat pocket without having to worry about things like coins or fabric jamming the weapon. The fastest draw is the one you don’t have to perform.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1