Yep… I was in 87 to 00. Reagan army, Bush army, Clinton army, Bush II army (the beginning of it anyways…)

PRC77’s, KYK13’s, AN/GRC’s and AN/VRC’s – stuff that looks almost stone age compared to what Joe’s are using today… in the late 90’s, we thought the portable satellite system we were using was high speed – it came in it’s own suitcase… now the same thing can be accomplished by one of those sat phones little bigger than a flip phone… I remember standing on a balcony railing – on the 4th floor, during a snow storm – trying to get the dish attached and oriented correctly so we could at least get comms up… I can remember driving a Deuce and a half that dated to the Eisenhower Administration… a lot of that changed shortly afterwards and we all got new HUMMV’s… which we promptly beat to pieces. The old Deuces could hold up to the beatings… HUMMV’s can’t. I like Deuces better…

Of course, trolling people being the main pastime of soldiers everywhere, my very first platoon sergeant thought it would be hilarious – since I was the biggest guy in the platoon – to hang as much crap on me as humanly possible. So, I was assigned to be the radio guy. PRC77. My assigned weapon was, predictably, the 60. Plus all my kit, ammo, spare batteries, etc… hardy har har… I felt like a pack mule. I am intimately familiar with the PRC77 and all the comsec that went with it…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1