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Freedom, glad you and your wife came out of this unscathed. Any time you can look back and take even just one lesson from an incident it is a win in my book.

Some thoughts from my side:

Have you considered complimenting your current “dog walking” EDC with some pepper-spray? Even if your wife carries the spray for now. A good dose of that dispensed into the confines of a car will make the majority of people re-evaluate their plans/intentions.

My current EDC is a Glock 17 and two spare mags, all carried IWB (I’m 1.83m and weigh 75kg) . At first it did feel weird, but you become use to it and concealing a full size frame is not that difficult. I have now purchased a Glock 19 and am awaiting the license, but as soon as this is through I will use the 19 with standard mag as my EDC and use the two 17 mags that I currently carry. That should be plenty of beans to dish out to all…

My wife is a small petit build and we are looking at a firearm for her. The last weapon I will ever consider for her personally is a revolver (even though I love them), as in our situation violent confrontations are seldom with less than three goblins and loading a pistol will be much quicker and easier under stress. We have looked at the following options for her, amongst others: Glock 26, Glock 43 and S&W Shield, as these are readily available in SA and are of what I consider minimum calibre for a self-defence weapon. She dislikes the 26, as she complains that it is too thick and admitted she won’t EDC it, the 43 and Shield are currently on her list, but here the Shield is nearly double the price of the 43 and spare mags are also much more expensive, so this has left us with the 43.

With the mag extensions the 43 and Shield are on par with capacity, so I believe both should be GTG. The only thing I noticed is that with these small frame pistols the +P and +P+ rounds are very unpleasant to shoot, keep that in mind and let your wife also shoot before buying. Some people are funny in this regard, my wife can run my 1911 all day long, but refuses to shoot with the 17, as she reckons it kicks to much, yet she had no problem shooting a 19?? Confusing to say the least.

Stay safe, them pesky goblins are everywhere.