THat is another critical point about apartments , the maintenance and office staff have the key to all the units , this means two sets of YOUR keys in a two boxes . If your apparent has a smart lock , its a simple matter to rekey it yourself ( it requires a smart key or a1/16 piece of flat metal to fit into the slot of the lock ) . If you dont have a smart lock , go get one . This will only stop discreet theft , if you dont have your doors hardened in some way also ., but it will stop any recon of your place while you are gone , as their keys will no longer work . All they would have to do is drill out your lock , takes 5 min or less……………..just sayin .
Also be aware of your preps location . I say this because , at almost every complex in the US , the maintenance staff WILL enter your apartment , with or without your permission in an emergency . Emergencies in most cases are to check out flooding . You may not be home when this happens . If the apartment below you complains of water dripping from the ceiling , they WILL enter your apartment to see if its coming from you . If the place above you floods out , they will enter your place to make sure the damage has not spread . Just be aware of that .