In truth, I don’t know beans about a survival situation in an apartment.

When we were first married and had moved back to the States, we did have an apartment – and I was still wound fairly tight from the service – so I made it a point to know who lived where, who drove what, what their hours were and gleaning as much information as possible from them (without being pushy or nosy) as I could.

Being stuck in a high-rise during a SHTF scenario bothers me… Like Sled, I’m not built for it. Cooped up spaces, too many people, too many vectors to watch at once, not enough resources… especially water.

I’m thinking I would be tribing up with as many like-minded folks in my apartment building as possible – especially the maintenance guys. They know things about the building – and have the keys – that tenants don’t suspect. Some apartment buildings even have underground service tunnels that lead surprising places… when I was stationed in Europe, some of the places I have been were riddled with underground tunnels – mostly as a means to get from Point A to Point B without exposing oneself to danger – one place also included an entire underground tank park (it had a soccer pitch built over it). Lots of sections were chained shut and closed off, but discovering where the keys were wasn’t hard…

If a high-rise had underground service areas that the tenants didn’t know about, if you could get the maintenance guys on board, they might serve as a discreet place to stash your necessaries. Provided you could lock up your stuff.

Still… an interesting subject… mental experiment…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1