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It’s a Basque axe,
Jauregi 3Kg splitting axe
The head is casted and the bit zone forged. This way you have the head completelly made of steel and the zone which works is strengthened as the old school axes. Indeed this is one of the oldest axe school’s actual example. Ask me if you want more information about this concern.
The interest of those axes from a prepper point of view is its manteinance ease. Forgot it if you are looking for a breaching tool, those axes are hard and tough, but the lack of poll make competitors better in this concern. Those axes are the best if you are looking for long therm working tool.
As I have said the head is very good, but what makes those axes different, and better, is the eye. They have an oval conical eye, here you have an example of a 2Kg felling axe. Top view, botton view and the profile,
Jauregi 2Kg felling axe
The hadle is conical too, so you have to insert the handle from the top.When they met you tight them by pressure and that’s it.
Jauregi 2Kg felling axe
The concept has centuries and it has been used by Basque and Scandinavinan. This has a backdraw, the handle can have any shape but it has to pass down the eye, this makes those axes some less ergonomical. But its has advantages, big ones. If you want to change the handle you have only have to hit or make pressure to the head from the top and they will come appart, it the head loosens hit it or make pressure from bottom and it will tighten and if your handle breaks it’s very easy to make a new handle by yourself. It doesn’t need any wedge, give to the new handle the same shape of the old one (or the same shape of the eye if you don’t have the broken handle), insert it from the top and hit or make pressure to the handle till it tightens. As you see it’s very simple, you don’t need any special tool to make a new handle, it can me made with a normal knife. In an emergency you can pick a branch, shape it with your knife and you have your handle done.