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They look promising. It’s actually a plus that they are marketed for use for paint ball as opposed to more overtly tactical applications because that gives you a very reasonable explanation for owning them. I think I would lean toward the EG-18 because of the volume for most outdoor applications, but the little ones look like they would be a good alternative to the Orion scratch-cap signal smokes (in orange) for emergency signaling.

I ran a class A magazine for a while and am instructor certified with the M201A1-series fuzed smoke munitions and ton of other ordnance and I’m curious to see what they are using for a fuze.

It used to be that John Q. Public could own all kinds of less-lethal ordnance, with some restrictions (under 7 grams of propellant, no anti-personnel rounds larger than .50 cal or 12 gauge, etc) .but since the “Un-Patriot Act”-fueled power grab and the current admin encouraging agencies to interpret the law any way that suits them, those fuzes are now “destructive devices” so they are thrown in with anything sub-nuclear.

All it’s going to due is kill a bunch of rednecks when they blow stuff up with more dangerous fuzes. Most of that stuff is of pretty limited practicality in peacetime for most folks since you’d have a heck of time explaining to most judges how it was reasonable for you to use a stun munition or smoke grenade in a self-defense scenario … but that doesn’t stop them from being fun and effective.

Where did you order from? Looks like if you order them in the states you get the $30/box HAZMAT fee, So I’d order a bunch. Looks like it could fill a niche for sure. I like the bursting smokes for some applications, but these look great. Thanks for the info. : )