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Thanks for the info guys.

I think you are both right in your sphere. I see the problem as overt vs covert camouflage. In the city, covert usually wins the day … in the bush, overt usually does … but neither always does. There are two solutions for different environments.

There are few absolutes to the educated. Even in a grid-down scenario absent rule of law, there are still a ton of reasons to stay covert in populous areas … there is even an argument for in remote areas. But I have worked in both and can see benefits to both types of armor … under certain circumstances. If one was clearly superior all the time, the other would cease to get bought and succumb to market forces. I just prepare to do both and stay flexible, but maybe not everyone has that luxury if they buy quality, and your mileage may vary.

I’m glad that there are some low-cost alternatives around now because I think everyone has a basic right to make it harder for other people to kill them and it used to be a choice between high dollar armor and military surplus. There are those who won’t settle for anything less than the ability to snuff you out as easy as flipping a switch 24/7/365. Gotta wonder about those folks.