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Scary lesson.
-never allow idle chit chat with strangers… it’s a distraction so they can get you off guard.
-good move on handling your gun… they obviously knew what that move was. They were most certainly bad guys.
-beware tinted windows, always.
-I carry a Glock 19 with 2 reloads on me as backup… that’s 45 rounds total of +P hollowpoint 9MM.
I don’t care what it weighs or how I have to dress, I carry it. You’ll be glad you “suffered with it” if the SHTF on you some day.
-get the girl to carry. The more guns on your side, the better. Get both of you trained in defensive carry/shooting.
-take nothing for granted, including your neighborhood.
-never go out alone if you can go with someone. NEVER let your wife go out alone. And since it can’t carry a gun, the dog does not count as “company”. One shot from a thug and the dog is done…. too easy to overcome.
-leave your guns home only on days you feel like getting killed.

Good luck, God bless.