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WhiteKnight, I think that they were looking at the walking stick which is big and was that I moved it from my right hand to my left hand and then put my right hand in my pocket to hold the .380. They all saw every move I was making and at that point were not looking at my wife but all eyes where on me. That is when I saw the driver telling the others to go.

For some reason that night I didn’t use the holster. Right now I am carrying the .357 in a holster and still have the .380 in my pocket. I will purchase a Glock 19 soon. The .357 is a revolver with only five rounds and the .380 has six rounds + I carry another mag with six more rounds.

One thing I want to point out is that all of this was no more then six to seven feet away from the car with three to four men. Very close.