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Showers is the thing I would miss the most I think in a post-grid environment. I take a shower as soon as I get up in the morning and then I’ll take another if I do anything that causes me to sweat or get dirty. The threat of lyme disease is another reason I shower and put on clean clothes when I come in from doing any yard work. I generate a lot of laundry that way in the summer.

Brulen is right about spare parts, and I’d extend that to include consumable supplies. For example I try to always have a couple spare chains for my chainsaws plus I save the old ones should the day come that I had to sharpen them instead of just replace them every time they get dull. I set aside several gallons of bar lube for the chainsaws plus enough of the oil blend for making lots of the gas-oil mix for them. It is easy to buy that kind of stuff when it is on sale and then forget about it. It’ll be there when you need it. I keep 60 gallons of gas in 5 gallon containers that I rotate through each season mowing the lawn (I use 3 gallons each time I mow). Come an ongoing SHTF I wouldn’t waste gas mowing the lawn anymore but I would be set for lots of chainsawing once I can’t buy wood cut split & delivered anymore. My goal is to have a 2 year supply of wood so as to not have that task be an immediate one however. That’s a struggle at the moment because I’m being nice to a young guy in the National Guard that is trying to make a few extra bucks. Thus far he hasn’t been able to get me all the wood I want when I want it but he keeps saying he’ll get it to me. I have enough for next winter currently but I want wood for the one after that too. My wood shed can hold two year’s worth.

Because I have tried setting aside all sorts of stuff I might need, I don’t see myself needing to do a mad scramble shopping spree but I would look to get a bit more cash, fresh fruits, veggies, and meats, some comfort food, and anything that happens at that moment in time to be on my shopping to do list. I suppose I’d go to the hardware store for a few things too.