No my theory is based upon having worn both concealable and external armor.
Concealable every working day for 10 years.

Armor sucks to wear, its as simple as that.
I never said not to wear armor, I was very specific about wearing a concealable vest.

I gave several reasons why external armor may be a bad choice.

Here’s another from the lost post, since ’99, with the rise of armored thugs such as the BOA guys, both cops and the general public has been taught to shoot above and below external armor. In 5 classes I’ve been to it was specifically mentioned.

And I was more considering the home invader at 3am.
And for those of us who live in our bol, choosing an option that allows us to wear the armor to the grocery or wallyworld without attracting the same attention as a plate carrier is something to be considered.

You want to pull on 20lbs of plate carrier and play tactical tommy, by all means go ahead, me I’ll keep doing my secret squirrel stuff. Much like the whole open carry debacle in Texas, great you won you can carry openly. Now pull your shirt back over it so the bad guy doesn’t know who’s carrying.

Bad guy enters a room, who does he shoot first? The guy with the gun.
Armor hasn’t been a secret since the 70’s, the bad guys have long known to shoot over it. Bad guy sees you in armor, he ain’t gonna shoot at your carrier.
And frankly I’d rather take one or two in the K30 insert on my concealed vest and have the opportunity to return fire rather than take one or more elsewhere and be more worried about Celox and tourniquets.