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MountainBiker you are doing good with the supplies. I have about 500 gallons of water, a well with hand pump, water filters, have a gas range with about a year or more of gas to cook, two fireplaces, am also on septic.

Cooking inside with the gas range is better for the first year, charcoal, and wood would give a sign to others that there is someone there and cooking. They can smell for miles when they are hungry.

When the electricity goes down there is still pressure in the water system for an one or more, depends on how much water is being used at the time so it is always a good idea to get as much as you can in the last hour.

One thing that I have been thinking about is to have two or three water barrels. Yes they can be used for collecting rain water from the gutters but what I am thinking is my house is two stories so if I use one in a shtf time up on the top floor outside and put piping going down to the bathroom plumbing the pressure may work for the shower.

I think I may try this to test it out.