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If the grid were down our water wouldn’t be flowing right then and there being we’re on our own well. I keep a couple hundred gallons of bottled water in the basement. We thus wouldn’t have an immediate issue plus I have a hand pump on the well so we’ve got unlimited clean water that does not need filtering (though I have several filters, including a Berkey). We’re on septic so the toilets would keep on working too. It is just that I have saved a couple hundred empty one gallon water bottles in the original 6 gallon boxes for just this eventuality. To the extent we could fill them before the grid went down, all the better, but not a disaster if we couldn’t. Filling them from the hand pump would be on the task list during the initial couple days of calm though.

I have multiple ways of cooking too without the grid……propane, charcoal, and wood.

In many (most?) SHTF scenarios my daughter could never make it being she is 850 miles and a minimum of 5 State border crossings away, 6 or 7 using our normal routes. My son is only 100 miles and 1 State border crossing away so hopefully he could make it.

Currently my mobile phone only works in the Great Room in the house as it is (thanks to a $350 booster), and not outside at all so I might not even notice if it stops working altogether. The land line I would notice.

Another task in the early first days of calm would be moving several cords of wood onto the front porch so that it is there when we need it, minimizing the need to get wood from the wood shed for a period. I’m thinking there might be a period when we’re not looking to venture outdoors any more than we have to.