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MountainBiker, If the grid goes down then it must be one of two things. 1. An EMP attack 2. A part of the grid got taken down.

1 (EMP)would be very bad and your wife would need to filling the empty gallon water jugs ASAP since the water would run for maybe one to three hours before it stops. It would also mean the cars would not work so your kids would have a har time getting to your house.

2 (part of the grid is taken down) this still meant one to three hours to get as much water as you can. But this also means your kids cars maybe working. You need to see if your car turns on. This means it is not an EMP. There is a lot of planning going on with cyber attacks too. Were your car works but all the electricity is down. It maybe all the internet is down and the mobile phone will not work to. The good thing about a cyber attack is that your car works, if you have a solar generator you will be able to power the fridge. Gas tanks for cooking is good for the two so a gas range is a good idea.