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It seems that the trend line is towards more potential trigger points rather than fewer and so I have found myself thinking about this general topic again. Of course what actions are possible depends upon what SHTF scenario has occurred. What actions I take would also depend upon where am I and where are my kids when it occurs. There are so many possible iterations that it is impossible to have a specific plan for every eventuality but thinking through some scenarios will benefit you for many others. One item that would hold true for almost every scenario, assuming you are not sitting in the middle of the event itself, is not to sit transfixed in front of the TV watching talking heads show the same video clip over and over again. I remember wasting hours doing that at the time of 9/11 thinking new info would be forthcoming. Most people will sit transfixed in front of the TV and won’t be thinking through the implications and so those early hours are when we should be on the move doing whatever it is we’re going to do. If the scenario is a series of unfolding events it would be good for a designated person to monitor it on behalf of the group and pass along pertinent developments. In my case I’d look to my wife to do that while tending some chores while she can just in case the grid subsequently goes down. Catch up on the laundry, run the dishwasher, and start filling the empty gallon water jugs I’ve saved, all things that can be done while monitoring the news and the grid is still up. After calling the kids and giving them input on actions to take, I’d head out to a couple stores and also fill the gas tanks. I’d also place an order for more cord wood to be delivered just in hopes it can during that window that folks haven’t realized the implications of what has just occurred. If per chance it happened while my daughter & family were visiting, I have them leave the kids with my wife while one of them goes to a department store buying clothes and similar supplies being they’d not have brought much with them for a week’s visit, and take the other with me to the grocery store to stock up on food and such for the kids (1 & 3 years old). The little details can matter and for example I’d have the kids put their vehicles with their out of state plates in the garage and leave our vehicles outside. Up here out of state plates would be interpreted by some to be softer targets and so why encourage anyone in that regard.

Anyway this is a start on the topic hopefully.