Crud did it again.

Long post short, I’d rather have a good soft concealable vest with trauma plates than an external carrier and plates. That Molle carrier and plates gives the bad guy the idea or impression that you are wearing armor, and he’s more likely to target some other body parts, such as your head or legs.

Two reasons:
Getting shot sucks. Getting shot with the vest not against your body fairly tightly sucks more. It allows the vest to accelerate before it hits you. You want to be part of the energy absorption not receiving its energy.
Think of a fist. Put the fist against you and then have 50 lbs of energy used against you, not so bad.
Now have the fist 3″ away and the same energy used, it hurts.

Secondly, I’m wearing a concealable vest, the bad guy is more likely to target my chest not my head or crotch, as above.
Now I’m worrying about taking cover and returning fire not stopping the bleeding.

One thing to look at, the Bank of America robbery with the heavily armored bad guys.
How’d the second guy get taken out? With all that armor that was stopping the 9mm’s and shotgun buckshot, how’d he get stopped?
Yup, a cop with a rifle chewed his feet out from under him, shooting under the car.