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sledjockey, I think you are right, I dun good. They(3 or 4of them) didn’t know what was in my pocket, for all they may had thought I had a .45. They did see when I put my hand in my pocket and grabbed something that was pointing at them inside my pants. So yes I did what I had to. I stopped it from going to the next step.

Now that it is over all I have been doing for the last 24 hours is going over everything in my head to figure out what or how to better prepare for the next time. Wife needs to carry too! Need to carry a 9mm min, be on the look out all the time since this always happens when you are not aware of your surroundings.

Here in Miami I have had some close calls in the passed but this is the first time that there were three to four of them at the same time so that got my blood to shoot up big time.

I had 10 years ago two men in a car drive right into my driveway when I was also driving in and stop there car right in front of my car. In that case I did pull out the .357 and they stop cold and slowly backed out of my driveway, I call the police but they police were not able to find them.