Mr. Red
Mr. Red

It’s kind of hard to predict what would happen if we had another Carrington sized (or larger) CME, or a large EMP, because there isn’t much study done in the field. No one really knows what 4-5 high altitude nuclear explosions, tweaked in such a way to maximize the effect of the EMP, would do to electronics, vehicles, power generation plants, and everything else that we’ve come to depend on in day to day life.

Honestly, it could be so severe to fry everything that is digitalized/computed/electronic, or it could be that some more basic electronics will still work, I don’t know. But, there are a few things that you can do to counteract the effects of a CME/EMP.

A faraday cage, small or large, should help. There are tonnes of ways to go about making one (or more), so just google if you don’t understand that field much.

Also, don’t become reliant upon a GPS. Basic nav 101, maps and compasses. Become proficient in using that, because it doesn’t even take something like a CME to knock that out (Chinese are really into their ability to shoot down satellites, not to mention that the service itself can be turned off.

Sorry to go off on a bit of a rant there. I’ll start a thread specifically on the threat of CME/EMP, what it can do, how to best prep for something like that, etc.

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