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Situational awareness and being able to respond if needed is 10x more important than the weapon you carry with you, imo. It doesn’t matter if your Gold Cup is all decked out with the most awesomeness you could buy if you don’t recognize the exact time to react.

My EDC carry is a .22 mag mini revolver about 99% of the time and an M&P Shield in 9mm the rest of the time around town. It all really depends on how you feel about responding and what your training/comfort level is.

Personally, if I was living in Miami I would carry at least my 92a1 at night with a Surefire light to blind aggressors. Since I live in a less populated area with fairly low crime rate, I carry what I carry. That doesn’t mean that I don’t stick my 1911 in my belt when I am up in Tacoma……

All in all…. You dun good.