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Malgus, Some years ago the company that said they can make a cloud disappear did it with the weather news media here and I saw the cloud on raider live disappear. So they can stop rain. The owner of the company wanted to test it on a hurricane and had asked the military to help them with the planes, he would supply the substance.

Well the company and owner are the ones that disappeared. Now can they use that to stop rain so the food goes up or no food can grow because they would be no rain, YES. Do they have the tech to make it rain I think they do.

Now there is the planes that fly high up and make all the lines in the sky, happens here once to two times a week. The mark up the sky everywhere now what are they doing? I see this once a week and show my wife which didn’t believe me, now she doesn’t know what is going on. If you do a search no one really knows, it is all I think this or I think that. Many say it is a control of the weather.

On CERN there was an article from some of the scientist that said that the last time it ran they THINK they saw another dimension opening. This is in an article on the big four media news websites. Now no one really knows but many scientist think we have to be careful of not creating a small black hole. Other scientist say no way that can happen so it is divided.