Whirly, The demographic numbers are inverted between SA & USA. I’d expect a completely different outcome in a clash of races. It’s not going to happen anyway. Look what gets destroyed in riots, their own location and area of residence. If they ever left that area to riot it would incite the rest of the population against them. The smack down would be incredible. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Inverted, depends on where you are.
Certain parts of Chicago and Detroit I’ve been to, that certainly wasn’t the case.

Where do they go when they have no place to live, their own burned down. Like locusts consuming as they move.

As to the smack down, going to depend on who and where again.
Your average person, its going to be too late before they realize what is happening. Reginald Denny?

Mobs form lately out of the shadows, some peaceful at least until the agitators have their way. And mob justice is not confined to the inner cities.

Look at some of the “wildings” over the years, it does make one wonder.
Look at some of the attacks by others lately, dopers, illegals, criminals, seemingly out of nowhere.

What may happen we can discuss and debate until our faces turn blue, but we must be aware of what may happen, to make sure it doesn’t.