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It finally rained, a real rain that lasted 24 hours. Today is still gray and wet and I couldn’t be happier after the dry spell last month. All most everything I put in is up and growing, the peas and onions didn’t germinate yet but I can plant something else in that space.

The real question now is what will the soil support. When I plowed the garden and broke up the soil but I never had the time to add anything to the soil. I found a few pieces of baked limestone in the soil that a farmer used for fertilizer 150 years ago, but other than that there’s nothing extra. The lime kiln is just down the road. (Wow now that was back breaking work. Mining stone hauling it to the kiln, unloading and baking the stone. Then load it again. Plus it was all cooked with fire wood that had to be cut and hauled to the kiln.)

There is no humus at all and I’m wondering if I’ll have the time to add straw and or composted manure between the rows. I can get free composted horse manure but it requires a lot of shoveling.