CERN is just a big race track. The speed up tiny particles and smash them together, then take nice pictures of the crash…

I fail to understand how smashing tiny particles together could possibly open a portal to another dimension. IF it were possible to do so, it would take tremendous energy – probably on par with a collapsing star – to bust a hole in reality… smacking tiny bits together? Nah…

As far as the earthquakes and increased vulcanism? The Earth is a dynamic system – it has never, ever been static. It is constantly changing and will always be constantly changing. And absolutely nothing we can do will change that. How could we possibly affect the engine that crushes tectonic plates together which causes vulcanism in the first place? That engine is driven by a spinning ball of superheated iron the size of Mars, located at the center of the planet… one puny racetrack in the Swiss mountains will have exactly zero effect… it would be like shooting a BB gun at a bus…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1