Here is my tip. Antibiotics will be hard to come by when the need arises. Getting them from a doctor these days is strangely difficult. Buy your antibiotics from a pet supply online labeled for fish or birds. It is all pharmacy grade in human doses. You can look up info on each online and keep that info with your bottles you keep on hand. The shelf life is a whole lot longer than what the bottles say………typically 10 years. If you don’t know who has them, ask me. Not sure if I can post company name on here(?)

I also read something that pet supply places are going to be banned from selling these antibiotics by fall of this year (Aug/Sept) so get them now!!!! The powers that be know that preppers are buying them up and they are using the excuse that people are harming themselves by purchasing and using these products. Make sure if you buy them to have the info printed out as to what they are good for and dosage. I print out the info and tape it to the bottles directly so that I don’t have to search around for info on which does what at the time I need them. All that info is available online.