My three immediate goals?
I am just going to batten down the hatches. Not looking for plan B unless the situation warrants it. I live in a semi-rural area but have neighbors and live in a neighborhood. I don’t like surprises either. Somehow I don’t see myself running to the woods, eating grubs to stay alive, and drinking from streams. Perhaps 20 years ago it would have been different.
My three immediate goals are: 1-Spiritual Life in order, 2- Food, Water, and First Aid all prepped, 3- Necessary devices and security purchased/stocked and ready.
I’m good on the first two goals but the third is tough. I feel like my home is not very secure. You know the movie Scream? The one where the babysitter is running from one set of French doors to the next to lock out the intruder who is calling her and trying to get in? Well my house reminds me of that same situation where I have so many doors and windows to come in through that I need to figure all the security stuff out. I’ve seen youtube videos, and read up on security measures, considered black window coverings, thought about rigging homemade security trip wires and such, but still haven’t found what I am looking for. I suppose I could nail wood over each window the way they did in the original Night of the Living Dead?!?!?!