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WhiteKnight, just modified the title to violence.

Also the eliminating of cash is Chase bank plan which is a very big way to control everything we do. That is tyranny at it’s fullest.

Tolik, I believe that you are right that One World Order will not work right now that is why they will need to depopulate by 90% which is there plan. This is well known in many books and articles.

Here is an article on that, and yes we all need to only take in the parts that maybe true as many of these articles are way out there but I have found that each one of these article have some truth in them that you have to read with an open mind.

Dave Hodges article today, http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/06/01/dave-hodges-interviews-doug-hagmann-on-jade-helm-this-is-a-must-listen/