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I keep hearing the Sept. date. Anyone know what the basis for that is?

Armstrong economics, Craig, and a whole slew of economists who got 2008-9 right beforehand. Look just about any of them up and a consensus is forming. Look at Greece and the Euro. They can’t have much longer.

In the spiritual corner, Jonathan Cahn is a big one with his forecast using the OLD biblical calendar. The biggest for me… because I firmly believe in the messages and messenger of Fatima, Mary, is speaking through the locutions still today. Bobby D posts them. A message gets typed up every day, and she plainly states that in September the economic events shall begin. Slowly at first, but they will be the real deal. http://www.locutions.org. My heart tells me these are genuine, after a long consideration.

I have stated it before and will again, I firmly believe that in Sept, we will see the first economic convulsions that truly have an effect on our societies. The convulsions have already begun, they are still hidden from most though.