Mankind Has Wandered _____________May 27th, 2015

Mary, the Mother of Jesus

All is cast asunder. One by one all the bonds of security are removed. What was meant to protect, no longer exists. The smallest shaking can turn everything into chaos. Such is the state of the world. Mankind has no idea of its perilous state. So, I must speak.

At one time, many nations were under God and enjoyed His protection. Leaders, laws, and the people themselves knew the path of light. Works of darkness were unthinkable and quickly rejected. Society walked in a light which all enjoyed. Mankind has wandered. Like children chasing butterflies, the world has been lured into this moment, a very perilous moment.

Everything looks the same. Life goes on as usual. People buy and sell, marry and give in marriage. Each person awakens to the daily tasks. Yet, something is wrong. Who perceives it? Whose words can describe and define? Who would listen to the words, anyway? What good would they do?

Who can stop the present decline? Who can address these problems that have grown so enormous? If world leaders are helpless, then who can act? If things are bad, who can turn them around? “Come, let us enjoy the good life until the disasters happen. Who knows, maybe nothing will occur.” Such is the thinking of many. Their ears are deaf and their hearts are consumed.

O reader, are you among them? Is that the way you feel? Or, have my words enlightened you and given you hope. For you, I speak once again. Write these words on your heart. I will save everyone who turns to me. I will protect all who call on my name. Events will come. They will change the face of the earth but the little ones who hear my voice, I will be able to gather.

Am I giving these secrets only to you? Not at all. The locutions are available to all. Anyone can read, but only a few believe. Words, words, how many words I pour out. Yet each word is true and filled with my love.