I hope you are right but it seems we are their most important target.
Perhaps within 3 years they could have a nuclear device within our borders.
It may be late but at some point we may muster the will to extinguish them once and for all.
Mary, the Mother of Jesus, speaks: (locutions.org)

The Helplessness of Mankind May 26th, 2015


Who can plot the future? Who can even outline a picture of these events? So many forces interact. The kingdom of God and the reign of darkness clash on the battlefield of human history.

Defeats are usually followed by victories. However, because mankind is so weak this is not happening. These years are not the usual times. The foe grows stronger. Mankind grows weaker. The ability to respond and to fend off the evil lessens. The body grows even more infirm. The sickness is deep and even spreading. More parts of the human race are touched by so many evils.

I must speak because no one understands. These are not usual times, when forces are present which will restore the world. My word is this. The forces to restore mankind to health and to destroy the infections are dissipating quickly. Mankind has no reserves to fall back on, like a spendthrift who has dissipated his money. In the near future, the helplessness of mankind will be evident, as all the evils come forth, in every area of human life.

Do I preach hopelessness? Yes, the hopelessness of a mankind who depends upon his own resources, of a mankind who has left the Father’s house like a prodigal son. This is mankind’s present path and he will continue to walk it because he knows no other. He has banished the light of faith.

What will I bring? I will bring light, a totally undeserved light. By that time powerful mankind will have been humbled. Many will be destroyed by total despair. Others, however, will say, “Let us return to the God whom we have forsaken”. For these, I will come. Watch. Wait. Seek. Ask. Do not wait for the collapse of all hope.