All due respect, but that guy sounds pretty flaky. I’m of the opinion that the US and the Saudis created ISIS. Now that ISIS is turning on their former masters, the Saudis are panicking…

He alleges a whole bunch of stuff, but proof is nonexistent.

Thats the problem I have with the majority of the conspiracy people , they set up supposed interviews with “experts ” , or people from the inside , but when all is said and done , not 1 iota of proof , not one shred of documentation , not 1 piece of concrete evidence to support their claims is found . Why ? most likely because it doesn’t exist , its not true . Alex Jones is a good one for doing that . Fear to sell ratings ………….but no real proof of anything that cant be torn to shreds , speculation . If the ” insiders ” were legit , and actually concerned , they could get documents , name names , etc. ………..but they never do . For example , one of the panic mongers were talking the FEMA death camps , and said that they were rebuilding an old WW2 internment camp outside of Phoenix , as one of the locations . I checked it out ……….yes indeed , it was being partially rebuilt ………..AS A MUSEUM , and not by FEMA . Just Sayin

One world order ?
Thats too funny , some might want that , but humans can f*ck up a free lunch . One world order only works in science fiction . I dont see the starship enterprise being built to fight klingons any time ever . Human nature will undo all things , then there are powerful countries that wont play ball with that idea , China and Russia want to keep their sovereignty , so do we . The theory of the north american union is flawed from the get go , Americans , Canadians , and even the Mexican people will never go for that . Too many peoples around the world that will not go along with that , economically or otherwise . The Dollar may indeed be replaced as the world trade currency , but so what ? Americans have an uncanny ability to bounce back from disasters .