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Thanks, Tweva.

Really, if things got that bad, we know that our families would ultimately want us to be safe. They know I can defend myself better than the average bear, and they know I prepare for situations like that. In essence, they trust my judgment, and know not to come look for me on the other side of the nation if something like that happens.

I made a preliminary plan for them, but I doubt they’d follow or even remember it. That said, my dad taught me a lot about wilderness survival, and my brother has the fighter spirit in him, so I think if they could get out of the city in time, they’d get through it one way or another.

God forbid, if the worst ever happened, and my family or I didn’t make it out, I’m glad there is no ill-will, bad blood, or other regrets. I spent a lot of time with my folks, and have a strong relationship with them and my brother. Really, there isn’t anything more I can do if things go sideways, and nothing I can really change as it relates to my relationship with them.

Knowing how I think, I’m glad it is that way. It helps me be patient, as there is no rush to get back home on the other side of the country–where they might not still even be–to try to mend things I have control over now. I can sit tight, and hopefully, when things get back to some degree of stability, I will find them. If they aren’t around anymore, for whatever reason, nothing was held back.