Thanks for the clarification. That Whaler sure is a pretty thing – I looked up what one was since the term was new to me… damn fine looking boat – but it looks to be way way too big for my wants and needs. But I am impressed that they were originally blue water boats meant to be used in some pretty rough weather. They apparently could take a beating and still keep on keeping on… surprised that they reached up to 50′ in length…

Did a bit of looking using Peter Van Dine’s name and “Tankook Whaler”

Found this… one thing I noticed is that it’s raked much sharper fore and aft than the yawl is, but still a fine looking little boat.

Great… just great… thanks a lot 74… now you’ve got me torn. I like the sail plan of the Whaler and the fact that they’re blue water boats and tough, but I also like the hull of the yawl more than I like those of the whaler…

Maybe I should just blend both together into some frankenstein boat and call it good….

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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