Okay, I went and pulled one of the books out of my tiny “library”… W.P. Stephens “Canoe and Boat Building”.

In the back, they have various sail plans for canoes and canoe yawls…

Some have one mast and are sloop rigged with mainsail and jib. Some have two masts and are either ketch rigged, or dhow rigged. One even has 3 masts and is junk rigged… but they all follow the basic same hull design…

So, I guess my question would be “Why couldn’t a canoe yawl be built with two masts – albeit smallish ones – and schooner rigged? Like a pilot schooner? A foresail, mainsail and a staysal or jib.. don’t have to have all the canvas flying that the big boys do…

(Edit: Not trying to pick a fight. I’m the rankest of rank amateurs when it comes to sailing. You know stuff that I don’t, and I’m considering you a subject expert on things. Hence the questions. I’m just like “Hey, I like the way that looks.” and wondering why I cannot make it so… if it’s just a simple matter of nomenclature and I’m wrong, please, please, please tell me… because I really don’t want to come off looking like an idiot… )

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