Guys, I don’t think “we” got played.. not nearly as much as they think. This is how I see it.

1. TPTB know that leaving our borders undefended will allow the country to be overrun with illegals. Crime predictably spikes.
2. TPTB then import the worst pirate scum on purpose, putting them in quiet, out of the way areas that have been historically homogenous. Crime predictably spikes.
3. They then extend freebies and bennies to the swarm, encouraging even regular old Americans to go on the dole and get “their fair share” of free sh*t… Takers and Fakers now outnumber the Makers.
4. All of which stresses the infrastructure and the Fed keeps the spigot of “free money” wide open. Causing us to go into a debt-fueled death spiral.
5. TPTB know what the Endgame is, so they – in conjunction with two other programs – supply police departments with military grade gear and weapons. They do this because they know that when things go pear shaped, they won’t have time to place assets anywhere. So, they are pre-positioning assets right now.
6. Side effect of all the military grade guns and gear is that the police start acting more ham-fisted. Several high-profile cases are trumpeted from the rooftops.
7. Riots break out due to the high-profile cases.
8. Politicians pander to the mob along racial lines, and pull the police back. The mob reacts predictably. Which then justifies the cops being upgunned and armored, which was previously unable to be justified.

This is all Kabuki Theater… previews in preparation for Opening Night. Jade Helm was part of that preview.

The big question is: When is Opening Night and what will spark it? Most folks whose opinion I respect are calling for an economic seismic event – a tectonic upheaval – sometime in September.

Edit: When Opening Night gets here, you will see all the PD’s who have taken the King’s Shilling be instantly Federalized. Perhaps not the Sheriff’s Offices… maybe. And after “instantly Federalized” happens, you’ll see the reasons for Jade Helm…

Gonna be a long, hot summer… things will continue, until they cannot…

NB Imagine what will happen if the swarms of Diversities and Yoofs – already pissed off for whatever reason – suddenly find their EBT cards flashing ERROR? My oh my… lions and tigers and bears…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1