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Tolik I agree! There is more deaths in car accidents, about 42,000 a year but the left doesn’t care about that. What there plans are to pull up the gun crimes any way they can. One way is to make the police not want to go to the crimes in time because of the government attacking them which I believe maybe planned since O knows that many do not like the police and would go right along with the plan. Now the plan has worked to a point in many of the cities that the riots have happen and even in cities were there has been no riots the police are backing down so the criminals know this and are now full force at there crimes. This brings the gun crime up were it was way down. Now O has something to talk about. Gun control. O will start talking that we really need gun control because of all the gun violence.

This was planned!!! And many of us fell for it since we are not all fond of the police. I think O played us my friend.