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Hello 1974t150v! Seriously, I can’t thank you enough for your time in reading my post, much less taking the time to comment. Life is very busy. Time is precious. Again, thank you.

Yes, the pond is an acknowledged draw if seen from this one vantage point. I knew that going in. As well, made it a point to get to know something about the ‘neighbors’ that join the property. Most fortunately for me, the majority are basically of a like mind. They are more than willing to assist in ensuring the pond is not a draw (as they do not have such a water source, other than the wells, themselves and they know I have stocked it/fish there themselves). For the one much younger couple recent from the suburbs, they support the idea simply because they feel it is a hazard for all those young toddlers that roam the countryside without their parents these days that might make their way through 3 acres of fields and fall in it and drown. So…ah, that said

The tactical difficulties of securing this acreage I feel are, mostly, well in hand. There are a couple of handfuls or so of people, with skills, and alert/barriers to impede in place. A few very large felled trees and there is no vehicle/pickup, but a tank that could quickly or easily get on to this property without us knowing it well in advance. Now a horse/rider or horses/riders – yes if they are able to stay mounted over 3 foot jumps (not that hard).

But the issue of camouflaging the pond so not to attract people on foot from this viewpoint remains. A few friends today made some interesting/creative suggestions. If I take my neighbor up on his offer to use his Bobcat or backhoe (which he taught me to operate a while ago)..they might work. But, I am still not convinced of today’s suggestions.

This property is long and deep. Given my background, early-on I ensured escape from the main residence or outbuildings to a place further back/unseen from all but one other place on property can be done relatively quickly with very little chance of detection. This is accomplished mostly by the use of ha-ha’s with a few additions, (thank you Mr. Bob-Cat neighbor). A sort of ‘prep’ I could do now without raising any eyebrows overtly.

Again 1974t150v – thank you for your time and input!