Simple, look at Baltimore, NY, Detroit and every other liberal excrement hole.
You impeach the first illegal himself and lets not kid ourselves, that will be the beginning of the race war.

It won’t because of his illegal activity, his incompetence, or any other reason than he’s ‘black’.
The firestorm created by the race baiters would divide this country like nothing else.

Any attack, you’ve seen it yourself on the first illegal is put down as a racist attack.
Question his foreign policy? Youre a racist.
Economic or legal decisions? Racist.
Face it you’re a racist.

Clinton was impeached, not so anyone would notice.
What do you really think would happen if the great pretender was impeached?
What would his hand picked bunch of leaders do?

The minority are in control, because we let them.
And this is the result.

Wonder when the necklacing will begin?