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Late yesterday afternoon/early evening we got two waves of thunderstorms come through which gave quite a drenching. More rain is expected on Saturday so our mini-drought seems to have ended, though the rainfall total will still be down for the year thus far. At least I won’t have to water the garden for a while.

The floods in TX are a reminder that people should always look at the flood potential when they decide where to live. In the event a time comes when there isn’t any disaster relief, recovering from floods could prove impossible. It isn’t that hard to determine if a location is subject to flooding. First and foremost, any place that has flooded in the past will flood again someday. Maybe it’ll be this year, maybe it won’t be for another hundred years, but it will happen again. Beyond that, study a topographic map. It is not that hard to see where the water will flow should a dam break. It is also not that hard to see where the topography narrows so as to cause water upstream to back up during flood conditions, or if a given area could have a bowl effect where flood waters will accumulate. I have always studied the flood potential before buying properties and did the same with my son when he was looking at houses. I became flood-aware the year I graduated high school and the place my Dad worked at was badly flooded out.