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Whirli: If people are scrutinizing now, why is it that he is still in office? He has violated the law so many times that he should have been impeached/removed in his first term. He has yet to provide budget per law, his birth certificate has been deemed a forgery by numerous forensic sources, illegally appointed people that he has yet to remove, was tied to several instances of targeting political enemies, was funding organizations out of his PAC that committed voter fraud, the list goes on. IF the general population really knew what was going on they might be irate, but the media down plays Dem scandals to the point where people consider it “nit picking” rather than illegal. Look at immigration. People now consider it “barely a crime” to commit fraud, identity theft, illegally gain employment and violate countless other federal laws if it is tied at all to “immigration.” Thank you CNN and MSNBC for that…..

No evidence needed. The Sheeple won’t care so why should he?