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I know this an old post. Just looking through everything while I have a free minute. I agree with the last couple of posts.

Back in ’09 I bought one of those ‘garden in a can’ things. I forgot about it until this year.

I thought I would try it out since I was trying to do a garden anyway.

All the stuff I started inside died either before I could transplant it outside, or after I transplanted it. The cold weather stayed very late. It might not even be gone yet in late May.

I saved more than half of what I had from the can in case the stuff I started inside didn’t take.

I planted a lot of it as soon as the ground seemed a little warmed up.

It is now May 27, and I have maybe 20 corn plants coming, as an example. I would say they are an average of about 2-3 inches tall. Even though I put them out as early as I could, I question whether they will have a long enough season now.

I agree as well with just having the ground ready. I have had trouble just preparing enough space by myself to plant what I have on hand. I still have a bag of peas that I have nowhere to plant.