Ah the nightstick.
A personal favorite.

Long a tool and symbol of authority, it is training intensive to be used properly.
Worse yet, the use of one, all people see is someone getting beaten down, regardless of the reason. Anyone else remember Rodney King? Single blows are seldom effective, especially when the person is drunk, drugged ot nuts.

Why the gun so quickly?
Very simple.
Because lethal force and SBI come in all shapes and forms, and all the bad guy has to do is be lucky with that snow shovel, that knife, that stick and suddenly he’s got a pistol and more.

What’s that person got in their hands? A gun, pepper spray, a wallet?
One of my old Chiefs carried a .22 mag derringer in a wallet holster, used it to get the drop on a couple muggers in the 80s.

You point a can of pepper spray in my direction and you’re likely to get shot. I can articulate why very easily.

What constitutes lethal force or SBI from a bad guy?
One of my firemen was struck twice in the face while sitting in his car, ala Michael Brown.
A fractured eye socket and 7 bones in his face broken, requiring 6 titanium plates was certainly SBI and could have killed him from a blood clot.
Oh, yes the bad guy was ‘unarmed’.

More to follow