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74 you might consider getting a wind mill pump and a retaining area for your water so if things go wrong you dont have to lug that much water up hill. I use a similar system since 40 feet down to river…. as back up i have a centrifugal pump that does 60 feet of head in a 1.5 inch in/out 600gpm on diesel….. pull start… have used it as a fire hose and WOW it does do that well.

you can make the wind mill or you can buy one… or you can like me ask old farmer for theirs for a bottle of whiskey. the repairs and take down are simple if you have minimal skill plus the few things you will have to buy are cheap and good to have on hand for repairs in future… 30 years service will tell you what will break.

when i had it down i copied all the parts in to patterns for the metal shop to make more… will have a second one up this fall for other part of property to a animal drinking dug out, this time i will add fish, when winter starts i will change from water pumping in to circulating so it stays open during winter (i hope)

i am using large gauge pex piping so even if i get a freeze up the pipes dont burst.

i went to an above ground storage tank, i poured pilings and got a old hi tension power-line tower stopped it short and put a ” water barrel” on it for warm weather use it is only 30 foot high to the top. only problem is this year i have to get a top for it as too many things like the water barrel as a pond to swim in like ducks, geese. I was told that is recipe for animals to get sick from water as it has no eco system to deal with waste.

whirl there is a few ways to cultivate morels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTFugHA2WaI and shitatke