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It’s drying out here. My wife’s garden is dead in the water. One of our rototiller tires went flat and the mice chewed up the internal wiring over the winter. Had to dismantle the front and tape the bare spots. The tires…. Ah. I’ve given up on fixing. Two new tires and two tubes. It’s like a new horse again.

Went to a college graduation and came down with a viral cold. A lot of congestion and trouble breathing. And then to top it off… Ha ha what could be worse right.. I was cold one night and grabbed a long underwear top from a bin. It had somekind of spider in it and I got a very ugly welt on my back. If it was a brown recluse I’m probably lucky. Couldn’t find the corpse. No serious side effects for me. A hard shocky chill at first, no deep tissue damage, I used tea tree oil to treat it, in the morning after discovering it in the mirror. My Immune system is getting a workout the last week. It’s definitely the worst spider bite I’ve ever had and I didn’t see it coming from being so miserable with the cold. Reading up on it is my prep.