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Not a prep but rather a prepping inquiry of sorts. When walking my son’s dog up the road I saw the folks from NJ who own an old farmhouse up the road from me were out in the yard so I stopped by to introduce myself. I had already judged that they weren’t preppers based on how they used (or more correctly stated didn’t use) their land and their infrequent visits but one never knows and a 2nd home in the countryside always affords the possibility of it being a bug out location. I was right. Not even close to being preppers or seeing it as a bug out location, but at least now I know for sure.

Something good that I did see this weekend is my next door neighbors turned over their back field and have had it readied for planting something. Not sure what their plans are but it is a good thing regardless in that it is one more large garden plot in the neighborhood. For a lot of folks who think they’ll take up gardening come SHTF, they’ll learn very quickly just how much work it is to turn over sod the first time and then ready a parcel for planting, especially here in rocky New England.