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Good thing I didn’t listen to myself and plant the veggie garden. The night following my “last frost” had another frost, and then this past Friday night we had an even colder night. I covered over the plants most susceptible to the cold but it wasn’t enough for my newly planted seedless grapes. The sheet they were covered with kept the actual frost off them but the cold permeated the sheet anyway and froze the leaves. About half of each plant died. I suspect they’ll live but now they’ll put their energy into trying to regenerate what the cold damaged rather than really growing. My mulberry tree had just started budding out and all of the buds were killed. I had just planted it last year and was pleased it had made it through the winter. It too will now put its energy into regenerating rather than growing. I’m sure we’re done for the season at this point and will put in the veggie garden this week. Its all rototilled and ready to go. Odd year. An endlessly cold and unending winter followed by a warmer than normal spring, but with late frosts anyway. If the pundits are right and we’re in the early part of a 30 year cold spell, gardening will be a challenge. We’ve had two endlessly cold and unending winters in a row, last summer was cooler than normal, and the forecast is for this summer to be cooler than normal. All of that is manageable so long as we don’t get summer frosts. I don’t think there is much risk of that happening though. We just need 3 frost free months (June – August) a year to grow what needs growing.

The good news is it looks like my apple trees weren’t damaged by the frosts. I think it’ll be a bumper year for apples.