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I can appreciate your loyalty to your former profession and those that are still on the job. There is no doubt that it is a tough job. I don’t think anyone would debate that.

It would surprise me if even the most die hard LEO hater wouldn’t admit that some officers have to be doing their job for the right reasons. Yes, that even includes me. I really have no use for the whole LEO structure or profession as it stands today, honestly. I do understand what you are saying and think that your position is admirable.

But a very good point has been brought up. How many times does someone have to be burned before they no longer support something?

It is unfortunate, but my personal count for good dealings with LEO is in the single digits. This includes 4 years as a paramedic on a box, working ER with MP’s for 3 years, and as a bouncer for the last year. Almost every interaction I have had or witnessed leaves me turning around thinking, “What a douche.” This having been my experience over the course of my life I avoid cops like I avoid large groups of minorities wearing sagging britches or anything overtly Muslim. Not prejudice. Just self preservation.

Again this is unfortunate because there needs to be better support for and from the community because as you have said it is a tough job.