I do hold them accountable, even now that I’m out of the business.
Perhaps more so than anyone here, because I know them and what they are capable of and who they are behind the badge.

I defend those who are tarred and feathered with the same brush as the guilty.
Because all too often they can’t until its too late.
Part of the problem comes from policies that generally forbid the talking about active cases and investigations until the charges are filed, the suspect has had their day in court and so on.
I may not like what a coworker has done, but I can’t talk about it outside the legal channels until its over. And by then everyone has made up their opinions about what happened, regardless of all the facts and statements that haven’t been heard or seen yet.

Ferguson. The officer was tried, convicted and all but put on a platter before all the facts were known. A national craze was started because of a lie. And people joined in lock step to watch the crucifixion.

Despite these news articles, did any of these gain national attention?
Of course not, no controversy. Just people doing their jobs.

Why do I care so much about this subject? Because of two of my partners who spent half an hour doing CPR on an elderly gent until the ambulance arrived. No news crews.
Because my department and the SO spent 3 hours looking for a little 3yo who wandered off, and no one else saw the plate of cookies her mom brought as a thank you.
Because off all the lost dogs that are brought home without notice, our code enforcement officer had “vicious” pit bulls that would just jump in the back of her car for the ride home, all she had to do was open the door.

All everyone looks at is the bad.
Look long enough and all you’ll see is the bad.
Because its all you’re looking for.

You’ll miss the young Nashville officer who quit her department over its morals and joined the army.
You miss the officer crawling through bushes to find a lost teddy bear so a little girl can take her nap.
You miss the officer who has to listen to a little girl talk about how the bad man touched her over and over.

I spent my time in hell. I feel for those who are still in it everyday.
I look at the good side because I’ve seen the bad and am still dealing with it today.