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Sled, politicians don’t read legal decisions. They hire aides to do that. Do you think for one minute Hillary wrote all those emails? No way, it was probably Sid Blumthal her shadow ego and all round good time communist pig. If she has to answer questions on them it will be I don’t recall over and over again. In ny Cuomo passed his Reichslaw and the gun owners rejected it as a body. It could not be enforced. I just found out from my daughter Capt. America is killed in the next civil war. I asked her if that was CW2? She didn’t have a clue what CW2 was or how it started. I asked her what she thought of the Balkanization of America? What’s that. Didn’t know. Less legalities – more power politics. You bet that makes people cynical. Nothing is being taught in schools anymore. It’s all ancient history. Twenty five years is a lifetime ago. Income taxes ruled unConstitutional? Obamacare ruled a useless piece of trash. They’re all still here until the end of America and the final deflation. Hasta la vista…baby.