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learn to use a stick … cant outlaw those.

coins for parking change + your sock= sap
roll of coins in your hand one punch

credit card.. cuts like a knife if you know how.

set of steel stress balls or fill plastic ones with a surprise.

you can get nice belts made of all kinds of useful things to hold up your pants.

get a carbon fiber arch support and sharpen one edge

get a man purse and put a heavy object in it such as coins for parking change.

in office… can have a golf club+ball and a putting green cup.

vehicle heavy jumper cables, tire iron, lubricant spray, flares, sand

baseball bat glove and ball…going out for some fun with the family. a team shirt will erase all doubt from a beer league.

just use your imagination as said above.. it is more about YOUR SKILL and attitude than anything else.

i have see an old man of 70 take out three thugs and sit back down to feed pigeons, they never saw it coming.